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Learn how Engage AI can transform the enrollment journey for your University.

Optimize Your Enrollment Process with Engage AI

A generative-AI solution focused on innovating your enrollment process and enhancing the program exploration experience for prospective learners.

Schedule a demo

Learn how Engage AI can transform the enrollment journey for your University.


Boosting Your Capacity

Imagine a virtual helping hand on your website, offering 24/7 access to program details, boosting engagement, and accelerating top of the funnel assistance.



The accelerated 24/7 assistance gives time back to your admissions team to focus on high-quality prospects.



An adaptive learner trained with robust, legacy recruitment data—regularly maintained for accuracy and relevance.



Meets all requirements—your data is encrypted, retained, and owned by you.


Practically Effortless

You furnish the program information; we handle the configurations and maintenance.

Supporting Your Prospects

Learner preferences and decisions are no longer solely influenced by reputation or brand. Engaging potential students with speed, efficiency, and authenticity are key factors influencing enrollment decisions—demonstrating a sense of value and cultivating connection. In other words, the faster you respond, the higher the likelihood of conversion. Given that 60% of prospects come in outside business hours, this can feel like a heavy lift. 

Engage AI offers personalized, detailed information about your programs directly on your microsites, catering to learners whether they are looking during or after business hours. And the ultimate goal? Guiding your prospects to schedule a meeting with an Enrollment Advisor and filling out a Request for Information form.



Learn how Engage AI can transform the enrollment journey for your University.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a wide variety of integrations available, including: 

  • Calendly: Engage AI directs prospects to schedule time with an enrollment advisor using a unique UTM-tracked link.
  • CRM: Prospect interactions and chat history are shared with your enrollment advisors for productive conversations.

Engage AI is trained on program-specific data for user-relevant information including brand guidelines to keep fidelity to your tone of voice, colors, and naming conventions.

Regular updates and maintenance ensure Engage AI is powered by accurate, approved marketing materials.